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Image G001

Linda Graham
Image G002

Rae Marie
Image G003

Rae Marie in Soap Lake
Image G004

Roberta and Rae Marie
Image G005

Albert, Ron, Ray, Bertha, Roberta
Image G006

Earnest Monroe Graham 1942
Image G007

Paul and Gladys Graham
Image G008

Paul Graham and David
Image G009

Ruth Marcella and David
Image G010

Paul Graham
Image G011

Charles Graham (brother of George W. Graham)
Image G012

Image G013

Steve Graham (about to turn 15)
Image G014

Hanna Anne Buzzard (mother of George W. Graham)
Image G015

Albert, Ernie, Ruth Marcella, Paul, George W. Graham, Bertha, Ronnie, Ray, Roberta (Maple Valley, WA, Aug 1967)
Image G016

Ruth Marcella
Image G017

Rae Marie and David
Image G018

Jim Shetterly and Roberta
Image G019

Ray, Ron, Albert
Image G020

Albert, Ron, Bertha, Roberta, Ray
Image G021

Roberta, Ronnie, Ray, James Lowell, Claire Stout, Duane Lucas by Shetterly's house in Soap Lake

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