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Image G043

George and Sarah Graham Graham
Image G044

Bertha, Ronnie and George Graham
Image G045

George Graham
Image G046

Sarah, Bertha, George Graham
Image G047

Ronnie 1962
Image G048

Ernest Graham 1941, Spokane, WA
Image G049

Ruth Marcella and Alvin Shafer with David, Rae Marie, Steve, Gene, Clifford, Joann and Colleen
Image G050

Albert, Roberta, Ronnie across from Old Post Office in Soap Lake, WA
Image G051

George and Sarah Graham, Herman and Sylvia Williams
Image G052

George and Sarah Graham
Image G053

Ronnie 1962
Image G054

George and Sarah Graham at Wenatchee, WA (photo developed 1959)
Image G055

Paul and Gladys Graham at Hollister, ID (1963)
Image G056

Paul and Gladys Graham, Linda, Steve, Tom, John at Hollister, ID (1963)
Image G057

Raymond Graham at Parks Air Force Base, Hayward, CA (Feb 1953)
Image G058

Roberta 1941
Image G059

Ronald and Raymond 1939
Image G060

Raymond Graham, Soap Lake Grade School photo (1948)
Image G061

Raymond and Ronnie 1939
Image G062

Raymond 1953
Image G063

Raymond and Jimmy in front of a downtown hotel and cafe somewhere in Japan (1955)

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