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Image G064

Alvin and Ruth Marcella Shafer and kids
Image G065

Raymond and friends at USO Club Park Air Force Base in California (date stamped Apr 12 1955 on back)
Image G066

George W. Graham in Maple Valley, WA (1968)
Image G067

Image G068

Alberta, Bertha, Ronald, Raymond, Roberta, Soap Lake 1941
Image G069

David Rutter
Image G070

Image G071

Ray and Ron, Soap Lake
Image G072

Ray Graham
Image G073

Ray, Roberta, Ron, Bertha, Albert
Image G074

Ray, Ron, Bertha, Albert, Roberta, George Graham
Image G075

Ray, Roberta, Ron
Image G076

George Graham on way to California to visit Albert (1968)
Image G077

George and Sarah Graham 45th Wedding Anniversary (1964)
Image G078

George and Sarah Graham
Image G079

George Graham at 444 Gary St., Moses Lake, WA
Image G080

Ronnie, George and Sarah Graham, Roberta
Image G081

Ernie and Ruth Marcella at Soap Lake, WA (1947)
Image G082

Image G083

Image G084

Steve, Clifford, Rae Marie, David, Coleen, Joanne, Gene

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