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The link to William Golden is directly through George Washington Graham's paternal grandmother, Nancy Pharris.   Assuming the records are correct, the gentleman pictured on the left is Nancy Pharris' uncle and great-great uncle to George Washington Graham.

The genealogy reports we have on the Golden family do not list the children of William Jacob Golden (son of Jacob Choska Golden, Jr.) and his wife Dorcus Tabitha Bragg.   However, there are two documents that support the handwritten caption on the picture which states, "born 14 May 1843, died 27 Feb 1879" (click on the image to enlarge).   The first is a handwritten document (by unknown author) that indicates a "William Golden" fathered a son by the name of "William Golden, Jr. born 1843 and died 1879."   The second document is research that someone did on the surnames Golden-Graham-Gilstrap-Cherry-Pharris.   In this research it is noted that William Jacob Golden and Dorcus Tabitha Bragg had nine children, the last being William Houston Golden born approximately 1842.   This is probably the same person referred to as William Golden, Jr. in the first document.   This second document also supports that Elizabeth Golden (child number two and sister to William Houston Golden) was married three times, first to William Pharris (father of Nancy Pharris), second to John May, and third to Jeremiah Gilstrap.

NOTE: The chart above is not a complete "family tree" of the Golden Family.   Its purpose is to show the direct link from Nancy Pharris only.   For instance Jacob Choska Golden, Sr. and Mary Adams had a third child, Anna Golden, Jacob Choska Golden, Jr. and Elizabeth Starr had 10 children, and William Jacob Golden and Dorcus Bragg had 7 or 9 children, depending on the document relied upon. Their full lines can be seen on the genealogy reports page.